The Python Game Maker for iOS

Pyxen gives you the tools you need to write simple games on the go. Design, code and play right on your iPhone or iPad.

Pyxen Main Screen


Create your games using a minimal Python API. We've established a very basic set of functions you can call to start creating.

Sprite Editor

Create your own sprite sheets right in the app, and use them in the code instantly. If you're lucky enough to own an Apple Pencil it is even better!

Map Editor

Design levels for your game with the map editor and draw them right in code with a single function call.

Sound Generator

Generate beeps and noises that you can play easily in your game. The sound generator is based on the famous sfxr project.

Publish to Windows

The Pyxen runtime works on Windows platforms too, and if you write a cool game on your iDevice, you will be able to play it on your PC.


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